Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition of the musée régimentaire des Fusiliers de Sherbrooke is located at the Colonel Gaëtan Côté MBE, ED, CD Armoury mainly in three rooms, namely the Drill hall, the Officers’ Mess and the senior non-commissioned officers’ mess.

In the Drill hall, you can find a large display which holds more than one hundred military and civilian firearms spanning a period of more than 300 years. There you can also find displays with mannequins wearing reproduction uniforms dating from the very beginning of the history of our regiment in 1910 as well as contemporary uniforms which were used during the conflict in Afghanistan. Finally, there is a display case that contains a map of the world where you can see all the countries where members of our regiment have been deployed over the course of its history whether it was within the framework of UN or NATO missions or simply for military exercises in allied countries.

In the Officers’ Mess, in addition to our regimental colours, we find several uniforms dating from both the first and second world wars, medals and cap badges from the various eras. Particular homage is paid to a few of our more illustrious officers such as Major-General John J. Dunn CMM, CD and Colonel Gaëtan Côté MBE, ED, CD. The Officers’ Mess is also a favoured place to explain a few of our military traditions to our visitors.

Finally, in the senior non-commissioned officers’ mess, there are other uniforms from different years between 1960 and today as well as a small collection of weapons and artefacts from our British Allied Regiment, The Rifles. We also have a few artefacts such as radios and a uniform from the Sherbrooke Squadron of the 35th Communication Regiment who share the armoury building with Les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke.